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Mozambique Del and governor of the cement plant project groundbreaking ceremony was held successfully

time:2016-06-07 count:1083

        The morning of July 1, 2015, Mozambique governor Del and the cement plant project held a grand ceremony in the provincial capital city of pemba. Chinese ambassador to Mozambique museum the economic and Commercial Counsellor Wang Lipei in person at the scene and delivered a speech, chief executive of del to supervise provincial governor and Pemba area to visit the site to start the ceremony, Pampa region, the chief executive and the Department of leadership, banking and other services supervisor, local well-known enterprises and Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the friend, the surrounding area residents gathered foundation project site, jointly congratulated the project started a grand. Cement plant Chinese investment shareholders in Hong Kong Construction Group Co., Ltd., chairman of a standard, soldiers, chairman of Hong Kong Construction Group Investment Holding Co., Ltd., general manager Qin Keding and local investment in shares of the Oriental Pemba Construction Group Chairman Liu Zhong Yu, general manager Liu Weiya, attended the meeting and attended the foundation stone laying ceremony.

        Del supervise cement plant is the first cement plant in the province, with the Mozambique in the province found huge resources of natural gas (proven natural gas reserves, ranks third in the world), Pemba region will serve as the resource of natural gas in Mozambique mining, liquefaction, deep processing, storing and export of industrial base, the future in the region will be put into a lot of money for infrastructure construction and Industrial Park, ports, roads and ancillary works construction, cement as a necessity for industry will have a larger market demand.

        China Construction Group Co. Ltd. and Pemba construction group with their own advantages and their combination. Through in-depth study of the market, plans to complete the construction of the cement plant in two phases, the first phase of the first phase of an annual output of 250 thousand tons of cement grinding station, plans to put into operation in early 2016. Second period to invest in an annual output of 100 million tons of cement clinker production line, for the development and construction of the region, provide long-term, stable, high-quality cement products, a positive response to the Chinese government advocacy and proposals, has the goal, has the plan, high efficiency, high-quality completion of the project construction, vigorously support and promote national economic development in Mozambique.


The leaders attending the foundation stone laying ceremony took photos in the scene.