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Work together to do a good job of ship repair and succeed in passing the annual inspection

time:2017-07-06 count:798

       The repair of Huayuan traffic No.1 and No.2 ships in Huanghua project department was completed in Shanhai Guan shipyard during June 5th and June 30th in 2017.

       This repair not only requires the ship to dock for underwater hull and equipment maintenance, but also a large number of self-repairing projects.Among them, projects such as rust-removing painting, lifeboat repair and maintenance of various equipment on deck are outdoor work.In the hot weather, it is difficult to repair the ship. Meanwhile the ship must be inspected by the professional staff of Suzhou Shipping Bureau.

        Over the past few days, under the strong support and guidance of the company's leadership, all staff including project manager, captain, and the crew adhered to their posts, ate and lived together, set up the spirit of not fearing difficulties and suffering hardship, and finally completed all kinds of ship repair work which passed the spot inspection of Shipping Bureau.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Department of safety management

                                                                                                               June 30th, 2017