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Group 2016 annual work summary and 2017 annual work deployment conference is grandly held

发布时间:2017-03-13 浏览:1147

On February 24, this Group’s 2016 annual summary of the work and the 2017 annual work deployment conference was held in Suzhou Baijin Hanjue Hotel. Group chairman of board Cheng Biao, president Qin Gaoju and other group leaders, responsible person of Group headquarters departments in charge and above, vice president and above of company and project directly under it, the person in charge of finance and advanced workers attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the group president Qin Gaojy comprehensively summarized Group’s 2016 annual work completion, and deployed Group 2017 annual main ideas and annual work objectives. He pointed out that in 2016, under the big environment that global economy was plunged into recession, uncertain factors emerged, national economy entered new normal status, and deep-seated structural contradictions continued to show, this group company coped with the new situation, firmly practiced "engineering finance" strategy, was not afraid of hardships, and tenaciously struggled, under strong leadership of chairman, we made certain achievements. At the same time, he pointed out some problems in the group management. He stressed that in 2017, the group company will be confident, make persistent efforts, and courageously march forward toward the established goals.

Chairman of the board Cheng Biao fully affirmed the president's work report, while made important work instructions on 2017’s work. One is to consolidate domestic market, and open up overseas market.Secondly, we should combine with the strong partners, and seek common development. Third, we will recruit excellent talents and create wonderful cause. Fourth, we will work together to achieve the goal. Five, we will carry out strict management, and improve efficiency.

The chairman of the board called on everyone to work together, make efforts in the year of rooster, have far insight, and make great effort, to start our established goals, and writer new chapter in the history of our Zhonggang Construction Group.