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China Construction Group of new cultural tourism industry -- Zihai Hong Kong Art vanilla Manor

发布时间:2016-08-26 浏览:1173

  Zihai hinti vanilla art manor is located in Gubeikou town of Miyun County in Beijing City, formally opened on July 26, 2016. Vanilla Garden Planting lavender and vanilla over a hundred species, supporting style accommodation, restaurants, Riverside tea, incense embankment clubs, wedding Plaza facilities projects. The park opened in order to retain the classic project at the same time do overall renovation, new parent-child entertainment district, parent-child swimming area, vanilla, DIY and other projects, during the trial operation will get visitors alike. Herb garden to meet the tourists "meals, lodging, travel, shopping and entertainment" at the same time, and strive to create a beautiful picture of a piece of "landscape flowers, the most beautiful time".

Zihai hinti vanilla manor art as a key project in Miyun, has been the government and community attention.